Instructor Training                                          

Why choose 1st Call Instructor Training

We are an independent training establishment based in Wales but covering most of the U.K. Large Training schools can charge fees between £2000 to £3000, they can ask for the total fees up-front and may not not give one to one training, we believe one to one training is more beneficial to the trainee consequently we do not have more than one trainee in the car at any one time.

Why Become a Driving Instructor

  •  Earn between £20,000 to £40,000 per year

  • Be your own boss/Freedom to choose your working hours

  • Job Satisfaction

  • No Previous experience needed just a desire to become a Driving Instructor

The Qualifying Examination

Part 1: Theory - consists of a multiple choice section and a video hazard perception section.

Part 2 : Driving technique - consists of an eyesight check test followed by a practical test of driving technique.

Part 3 : Instructional ability - consists of a practial test of the ability to instruct.

For further information on the qualifying examination contact Driving Standards agency.

Legal requirements to become a driving instructor

  • hold a full UK or EEA unrestricted car driving licence

  • held licence for at least four out of the past six years

  • not have been disqualified from driving in the four years prior to being entered in the register

  • Be a "fit and proper" person in the opionion of the DSA

  • You will have to apply for a criminal record check

  • have no more than six points on your licence

Training given

Part 1: All training books, dvd's supplied,  home study, classroom training one to one & 24/7 support

Part 2: One to one training 25hrs minimum in car and classroom

Part 3: One to one training between 40 to 60 hours in car and classroom training 

When completing course successfully 1st Call will offer you a job placement within its driving school and help you set up a successful business. If you are unlucky enough to fail any of the DSA examinations 1st Call will keep your training on-going until you pass at no extra cost until you are a qualified driving instructor.


Flexible Course Payment Plan.

1st Call instigate the following options for payment:

Option 1:  Start training from as little as £35 per week 

Option 2:  Pay six equal amounts to cover the training costs

Option 3:  Pay full course fees on enrolment and receive a 5% discount

Option 4:  Residential courses available

Total cost  of training  £1950

Please note, see for examination fees payable to the DSA                   


John Fletcher (Newport, Gwent) -- Part 1 Training -- Steve made Part 1 straight forward, with the right training books and cd/dvd training aids, Steve was always on hand if questions needed to be answered. Passed Part 1 first attempt.

Part 2 Training -- Going back to basics was very daunting at first, but Steve put me at ease with his knowledge of driving, Steve made it fun and enjoyable. Remember M.S.M and you will get there. Passed Part 2 first time.

Part 3 Training -- Well Part 3 can make or break you, thank god for Steve he will not let it affect you. It was hard, but we had so much fun whilst doing the lessons. Steve always make sure your lessons plans are right that help me so much, a BIG Thankyou. John Fletcher ADI(car)


John Moore  (Monmouth, Monmouthshire) -- Part 1 Training -- Steve gave me all the advice i required and tested me regurarly.

Part 2 Training -- Very Good. Cured all my bad habits and improved my driving considerably.

Part 3 Training -- Excellent, very patient, Very professional.  John Moore ADI(car)


Donna Bell (Little Dean, Gloucestershire) -- I had my part three training with Steve, he is very patient and very thorough, he runs through all ten PST,s in great detail. He also makes the training very realistic, to the actual part 3 exam. Without Steve's training I would not be doing the job I enjoy, many thanks to Steve.  Donna Bell ADI(car)  


Craig Harris (Newport, Gwent) -- Part 1 Training -- Excellent service Steve really helped me with any questions i needed answered. Indepth one to one training, helped me understand the importance of studying and made it enjoyable which helped me with my confidence.

Part 2 Training -- I did not realise how bad my driving actually was until Steve showed me, he helped me to iron out my bad habits and really understand the importance of driving correctly consequently would help me with with part 3 training.

Part 3 Training -- Gave me the knowledge and confidence to succeed  with the one to one training, I can't thank Steve enough for the level of training I was given and passing with a grade 5/4. 


Congratulations to Phil Arnold on passing Part 3 examination and now a qualified ADI  April 5th 2011, testimonial to follow.

Congratulations to Bob Jones on passing Part 2 with 3 minors, now the hard work starts on part 3 you can do it.        

Phillip Arnold (Ebbw Vale) -- Part 1 Training -- 1st Call Provided me with all the training help and advise I needed to pass the Part 1 exam, this was backed up with excellent training materials making my studying enjoyable and very informative

Part 2 Training -- Having been a driver for 28years I did not realise I had so many bad habits these were quickly ironed out and through excellent training and lots of patience, I managed to pass and enjoy myself in the process.

Part 3 Training -- Steve prepared me for everything the examiner could throw at me, every PST was covered throughly and Steve really went way beyond the remit of our agreement to make my dreams of being an instructor a reality.

Denise Harris  (Raglan) -- Part 3 Training -- passed August 2012 --  Studying with 1st Call Tuition has been an enjoyable experience with Steve going out of his way to iron out any diffuculties that i came across.

1st Call Instructor Training

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